Assessors (Tax) Records

Assessors Tax Records

  • ˜ Aggregate records from the computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) systems managed by the Assessor’s offices in 4 Commonwealth counties (See Appendix 1).
  • ˜ Include 80 integral elements of information each record (See Appendix 2).
  • ˜ Continuously monitor the Assessor’s offices and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Revenue (DOR), for any and all changes (building modifications, land splits and joins, assessed values)
  • ˜  Monitor the DOR’s annual approval of each town’s tax rates and deliver to CC&IMLS, within 3 weeks of approval by the Mass DOR, the updated, official property valuations.

Registry of Deeds Transactions 


  • ˜ Every workday, record the details of every arm’s length transaction recorded at 4 Registries of Deeds in the (approximately 100 transactions per day)
  • ˜ Disseminate all recorded transactions to CC&IMLS Members within 24 hours.
  • ˜ Aggregate the details of all transactions recorded at the Registries into one comprehensive database.
  • ˜ Every Monday of each week, throughout the year, upload a complete and updated set of property records to a server specified by the designated MLS vendor of CC&IMLS.

Provide RealtyInSite accounts to Members


  • ˜ Maintain active accounts on for all persons and companies listed on a monthly roster submitted to Compu-Links by CC&IMLS (currently +2,500 individuals and companies) at no additional cost to CC&IMLS (a $50/month/per member value).
Single Sign On (SSO) to RealtyInSite


  • ˜ Deliver a SSO information service whereby RealtyInSite is available to all Members of CC&IMLS from its online MLS solution.
  • ˜ Develop software syntax in coordination with the MLS vendor to CC&IMLS and accept calls from the vendor’s MLS application to the RealtyInSite database.
  • ˜ Deliver to the sender RealtyInSite’s data and analytics: Assessors (tax) records, property reports, maps (including flood maps), and property valuations.
  • Ensure that the SSO service that is seamless and is integrated with the vendor’s Listing Details page.

Assessors Maps



  • ˜ Deliver to CC&IMLS the most up-to-date and accurate set of Assessor’s parcel maps available on the market today (See Appendix 3).
  • ˜ Include accurate parcel and property boundary delineations on all maps.
  • ˜ Render accurate dimensions of property boundaries on the maps.
  • ˜ Integrate the latest satellite and aerial photography with the Assessor’s parcel maps.
Flood Services and Related Products 


  • ˜ Provide up-to-date FEMA flood maps and flood hazard information (in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) available in the region).  (See Appendix 4)
  • ˜ Deliver flood zone classifications of all properties (as color-coded Flood Maps) and as part of the property records database.
  • ˜ Integrate Flood Maps into the SSO service described above.
  • ˜ Provide highly accurate USGS Topographic Maps.
  • ˜ Provide USGS Color Ortho Imagery.
  • ˜ Provide maps of areas of Critical Environmental Concern.
  • ˜ Provide Scenic Landscape Inventory Maps.

Prospecting Data and Tools


  • ˜ Deliver the most accurate, up-to-date property ownership information available on the market.
  • ˜ Support unlimited downloads and mailing label creation for ALL Members of CC&IMLS through an intuitive web site and through direct requests delivered by telephone or electronically to RealtyInSite.
  • ˜ Support searches utilizing up to 25 individual search criteria.
  • ˜ Deliver code to the members that allows them to easily incorporate RealtyInSite widgets (e.g., market reports, property analytics) into their web sites at no cost.

Property Analytics


  • ˜ Deliver to all members of CC&IMLS, the most powerful property analysis tool on the market today i.e., RealtyInSite’s One-click Property Analytics tool. (See Appendix 5).
  • ˜ Maintain a user-friendly yet powerful interface.
  • ˜ Deliver quick results.
  • ˜ Support up to 25 user-specified search criteria.
  • ˜ Publish attractive reports (agent picture, bio, office, contact info).

Real Estate Market News


  • ˜ Each week, deliver to each member of CC&IMLS the most current, detailed and comprehensive sales report on the market today.
  • ˜ Include village and zip code specific sales and analysis  (See Appendix 6)
  • ˜ Deliver code to the members that allows them to incorporate our sales reports into their web sites.
  • ˜ Report separately on residential, commercial, condominium, multifamily, and land properties
  • ˜ Provide Year-over-year (YoY) comparisons.
  • ˜ Present both average and median values.
  • ˜ Provide presentation-ready charts and graphs

RealtyInSite Reference eBooks


  • ˜ Publish and deliver to all members of CC&IMLS, in eBook format, compendiums of information including: 1) the most comprehensive and power Street Atlas on the market 2) a weekly updated owner’s address book containing the property address and the home of record of ALL property owner’s in the area of interest of CC&IAOR.